Beefeater Weston-Super-Mare East-

There’s only one word to describe this rubbish! When I first went in I thought this looks pretty good. I also thought it’s called the beef eater they must specialise in meat burgers and that sort of stuff. But I was wrong when the man gave me the children’s menu at first I thought Mr Men is the theme oh no. I had a look at the menu and I said to my mum I don’t want anything because everything looked rubbish but she said I had to have something. So I chose some garlic bread for starters I asked if I could have cheese on that, the man said it would cost us an extra 50p. We said “ok thats fine”. For my main course I had a 4 oz burger with chips and cucumber and carrot sticks. For dessert I had sticky toffee pudding , which was not on the kids menu because the desserts on the kids menu were awful and glass of squash.We waited about 10 minutes till our drinks came but mine didn’t come  till about an hour later. My starter came 5 mins later. When it came I could not believe how they could burn cheesey garlic bread that much, all of the sides were burnt and most of the cheese it tasted horrible. The mains came( after the drink )  I looked at mine and said these are celery and pepper not  carrot and cucumber as in the picture. The beefburger tasted like cardboard so I had to drown it in ketchup to get some flavour. The chips were fairly decent but not great. Half an hour later our desserts came and you would expect a £4.50 sticky toffee pudding to be warm but no it was cold. So the man had to take it back and about five minutes later I finally got to eat my sticky toffee pudding which also tasted like cardboard. So then we went to pay, but the man charged us an extra £11 as he had forgotten the meal deal included with the Premier Inn stay. This took some sorting out. We were still overcharged by £2 but we gave up and went. Overall we went in at 6.50 and left at 10! Overall this is a one out of ten. It only gets one because I felt sorry for the owner of this awful restaurant.

Total cost 2 courses from Child’s menu £5.49 + 50p for cheese on garlic bread + adult sweet £4.95 so £10.95 for rubbish!


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